Weekender – Eat, See and Sleep at Tenom


Thinking of a weekened getaway? Take a visit to Tenom, the agriculture hub of Sabah. Experience local foods and take a visit to coffee factories. See the Sabah only hydroelectric dam at Padas River and experience eco tour at Sabah agriculture Park.

Breakfast: Yong Tau Foo and Hakka pork roll

The most popular breakfast at Tenom is the Yong Tao Foo and Pork Egg roll at Tenom Market. There are 4 stalls selling the same foods and close by 10am. The Stall no. 1 is the most popular and they sold out at 6am.

Location: 1st Floor, Pasar Tenom

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Tenom Coffee

Tenom is the coffee capital of Sabah and here you can find 2 famous companies producing coffee for the local market. Yit Foh being the oldest coffee in Sabah is over 50 years now. They have table to serve coffee at their factory and you can also visit the cafe by Fatt Choi which is located at the town area.

Yit Foh Coffee Factory
3KM Jalan Tenom – Sapong,
Kampung Chinta Mata, Tenom
Kilang Kopi Fatt Choi
Jalan Tun Mustapha, 89900 TENOM

2013-11-19 15.42.14

Tenom Tiu Sa Biang

Tiu Sa Biang which mean red bean biscuit is a popular snacks sold at Tenom market. The read bean is freshly cover with a thin layer of pastry.

Ground floor, Pasar Tenom

2013-11-19 19.01.11

Pak Khamis Satay

at the shoplot opposite of Pasar Tenom, open from 5.30pm onwards





Tenom Agriculture Park

Taman Pertanian Sabah is part of the 1,500 acres of the Agriculture Research Station, Lagud Sebrang Tenom which is administered and owned by the Agriculture Department Sabah. It is a complex consisting of the Agriculture Research Station, seed Production Centre for Cash Crop, Farmers Training Centre and Taman Pertanian Sabah itself. The Park sprawled over an area of 500 acres.

Taman Pertanian Sabah
WDT, 28
89909 TENOM,


Tenom Pangi Dam

Take a visit to Sabah only hydroelectric dam, running alongside Padas River. It’s about 30 minutes away from Tenom town.



Perkasa Hotel

Located on the hill overlooking Tenom Town.


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