Turtle rescue centre at Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre


Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre open its doors in July 2012 committed to marine conservation by employing three conservation pillars – Turtle Rescue, Coral Reef Restoration and Conservation Through Education. The marine center’s programs were conceptualized and are being implemented by Scott Mayback, the resort’s Resident Marine Biologist.

Injured or sick sea turtles will be provided with a safe environment in which to recover and will be treated


Gaya Island Resort Marine CenterGaya Island Resort Marine Center   During our visit to  the center, a Hawksbill Turtle was rescued from fishing net and housed at the center for few days to check on its health. 

Gaya Island Resort Marine Center

Gaya Island Resort Marine Center The turtle was released back into the sea after given a clean bill of health at Gaya Island Resort.


Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre will also champion coral reef restoration. The coral nursery provides an on-land opportunity for guests to become engaged with coral reef conservation. It also provides a controlled environment for freshly planted corals to recover. This initiative is carried out in collaboration with Reef Check Malaysia, a non-profit organization. Activities include the collection of broken or non-viable coral fragments, their attachment to coral blocks or artificial reef structures, placement in the nursery for observation and their return to the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park to rehabilitate damaged areas.


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