Trekking up to the peak of Bohey Dulang Island


If you are into jungle trekking, then you will love a trip to the peak of Bohey Dulang Island. Located 30 minutes boat ride away from Semporna town, Bohey Dulang is one of the eight islands which made up Tun Sakaran Marine Park. There is no accommodation on the island and the facilities here is basic. To climb up to the peak of Bohey Dulang, You need to register with Sabah Park rangers stationed at the island. Pay RM 50 for a guide and he will bring you safely to the peak of Bohey Dulang. The trekking up the peak is not hard, but make sure you wear the right shoes as some areas maybe be slippery.

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The trekking take around 45 minutes. The height of the peak is 600 + meters.

2013-06-05 11.47.45
our ranger at the peak of Bohey Dulang

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The reason for trekking up Bohey Dulang, It offer an panoramic view with Bodgaya Island on the right.




Fish Eye view from Peak of Bohey Dulang Island

Amazing view from Bohey Dulang, The location and distance from Semporna town make it hard to reach but it’s a truly hidden gem with nature at its best.


  1. Hi, i am planning to visit bohey dulang island and read that we have to have a written request to get the permission to visit this island. if this is true is there any form that we need to fill before coming to semporna? btw where did you stay during your trip here?

    • Hi, there is a Sabah Park office at Bohey Dulang island, Just need to get their permission and if you want to trek up the peak, you must pay for a guide (RM50 per group)

      As we didn’t plan out trip beforehand, we stay at Semporna town.

  2. Hi, how much the boat transfer cost u from Semporna to Bohey Dulang? Any suggestion for resort or backpacker lodge if I plan to stay 1 night? Anyhow, is it the written permission need to get done a day before or we can get it on the day we enter the island?

    • Hi Amy, the boat cost us RM 600 for 4 person. This include 3 island for the whole day, Mataking Island, Timba timba Island and Bohey Dulang. If you planning to do some snorkeling, Manul will be a better choice.
      There are many inn at Semporna town area, cost around RM per night. If you want to stay on the water chalet, do book earlier as it is fully booked most of the time.

      The permission to hike Bohey Dulang can get from Sabah Park office in semporna, else you can ask the operator to get it for you. You can get it on the same day but it is advisable to get it a day before .

  3. Hi,
    Can you share which operator did you engaged for the boat transfer to Bohey Dulang?
    Planning to get in touch with the operator only when I reach Semporna. Do you think its okay?


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