Top 9 things to do in Sandakan


1) Eat Fresh Seafood

Sandakan is known for its fresh seafood. You can find seafood everywhere at Sandakan. No idea where to start, head to Restoran Seafood Sim Sim 88. Bridge 8, Buli Sim Sim. Looking for a different kind of seafood, try the famous Nam Chai Seafood Bak Kut Teh at Bandar Nam Tong. 

sandakan seafood

sandakan seafood

sandakan seafood
Seafood Bak Kut Teh at Bandar Nam Tong


2) Explore Sandakan Heritage Trail

Sandakan town council come out with a well marked Heritage Trail covering temples and historical places around the Town which can be covered on foot. Read our article  Exploring Sandakan Heritage Trail on foot for more information

sandakan heritage trail

2014-04-05 15.34.56-1

3)Stroll around the Sandakan Town Area

Sandakan used to be known as little Hong Kong because the old building which reminisce the old building at Hong Kong during the 60’s. The town area is pretty much undeveloped for the last 20 years and buzzing with commercial activities during the day time and deserted after dark. Explore the town area during the daytime and see the daily life of people staying at the town area.

sandakan town

sandakan town

4) Visit the Orang Utan at Sepilok Rehabilitation centre.

sepilok orangutan

sepilok orangutan

5) Visit Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC)

see our experience visiting Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center

sandakan bornean sun bear conservation centre bsbcc

6) Eat Local food

Sandakan is known for its food. You can get cheap and tasty foods and pastries from coffee shop around the town. For a start, visit 2nd floor of Sandakan Central Market for the famous   Kueh Teow with Deep-fried Pork.

sandakan food

sandakan poo tart
Sandakan Famous poo tart

7) Visit Rainforest discovery center

Get to know the importance of Borneo rainforest at Rainforest discovery center. Lots of activities and educational activities are provided at the center for young and the old.

 Rainforest discovery centre  sandakan

 Rainforest discovery centre  sandakan

8) Visit Pu Ji Shih Temple

Built on a hill overlooking the sea, The view from Pu Ji Shih Temple is amazing.Get to know about the religion and culture of the locals and immerse yourself with the beauty of the temples

Getting there : Located 4 KM from Town center . Drive along Leila Road, turn to Cecily road and right when to see a sign board to Pu Ji Shih Temple

pu ji shih temple sandakan

9) Ride along Kinabatangan River

For wildlife lover, a boat ride along Kinabatangan River is a must. Discover wildlife along the ride Kinabatangan river.





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