Tenom Eats – The Morning Pork Affair at Tenom Market


A good day starts with a great breakfast. In Tenom, the locals’ favourite place for breakfast is at the 1st floor of Tenom Market (pasar Tenom), where the fresh Hakka egg roll and pork meat ball are being served. There are a few stalls at the non-muslim section selling the same dish. The choices are simple: dry noodle or noodle soup served with egg roll and pork meat ball. A bowl of mee cost RM5. There are egg roll selling at Kota Kinabalu, but egg roll in Tenom is famous for being fresh and its sweet taste. Egg roll noodle breakfast is best served with Tenom coffee. Don’t forget to order a Yong Tau Foo (at RM1 each) to go with your noodle. The aunty at stall no. 7 has been selling the same food for over 40 years! Egg roll is originated from China. Hakka immigrants brought along their traditional dishes when they moved to Sabah during the turbulence period. Hakka egg roll can only be found in Sabah. It is best to try it in Tenom where the stalls still maintain the same taste and tradition for so many years.

What make Tenom egg roll so special is the egg roll are freshly made everyday at 2 am and sold out before the afternoon. You can only taste it at Tenom.

Be there early (7 to 8 am) as Tenom egg roll is selling fast. The place becomes crowded when everyone come for their routine breakfast.

spring roll
egg roll and meat ball in soup served with dry noodle


2013-11-19 07.44.36
Hakka style Yong Tau Foo

2013-11-19 07.46.14

2013-11-19 08.13.19
egg rolls



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