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Tenom town is a synonym for coffee to Sabahan. There are 3 main coffee companies in Tenom, namely: Yit Foh Coffee, Fatt Choi Coffee and Tung Fah Coffee. On our first coffee factory visit, we drop by at Yit Foh Coffee to meet up with the 2nd generation owner, Mr Alex Yong.


Yit Foh Coffee

Yit Foh Coffee was founded in 1960. It is the oldest coffee factory in Sabah. They use pure Robusta coffee beans planted in Tenom. The coffee beans are roasted with wood fire which brings out the full aroma of the Robusta beans. Yit Foh is the only coffee factory in Sabah roasting coffee beans using wood fire. So far, they have resisted using machine for roasting process. Only the packaging process is being modernised. The process of roasting and picking beans is still very much the same method used 50 years ago. Alex stressed that Yit Foh insisted of fully controlling the quality of their coffee. He believes the best marketing is by producing the best coffee that the locals love. By the same believe, the Yit Foh coffee brand has been expanding to the whole of Malaysia as people love the unique taste of the Yit Foh roasted coffee.  Yit Foh coffee is available nationwide at selected Jusco outlets.


Yit Foh Coffee Factory Sdn Bhd
3Km, Jln. Tenom-Sapong Tenom
tel: 087-735657

2013-11-19 10.53.16

2013-11-19 11.05.11
certificate issued by the Sabah Government for businesses more than 50 years old
sabah 50 years old business
a special gift from the Sabah Government
2013-11-19 11.16.35
roasting it the old way. Just the way it was 50 years ago


thanks to Mr Alex for the factory tour and coffee talk



Fatt Choi Coffee

Our 2nd stop at Tenom is a visit to Fatt Choi Coffee to meet up with the founder, Mr Foong. He told us the name Fatt Choi coffee is chosen because “Fatt Choi” means rich. It is the best way to remind yourself to be successful by being rich, according to Foong. Besides a successful beverage distributor, he is also a famous Tai Chi master. He spends a lot of time promoting and teaching Tai Chi around Malaysia and China. Day to day operations at the Fatt Choi Coffee factory is managed by his son. But being the founder of Fatt Choi Coffee, Foong is very enthusiastic about the prospect of Tenom Coffee being marketed to the whole of Malaysia and even overseas. Fatt Choi Coffee offers a large variety of coffee products to suite everyone’s taste.

Fatt Choi Coffee was started in 1983. They faced a lot of problem and stigma when started selling coffee. Being a sales person himself, Foong strived through and believed in his product. Finally, Fatt Choi Coffee becomes one of the leading coffee brand in Tenom and even in Sabah.

We also visited Fatt Choi Coffee Factory to see how coffee is being roasted and packed there. Most of their workers have been working with them for many years. They amazed us with their lightning-speed packing skill. We then had a coffee tasting session after the factory tour.


Fatt Choi Sdn Bhd
Jalan Tun Mustapha
tel: 087-735230




2013-11-19 14.19.15



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