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Tamu Sabah

tamparuli tamu

What is Tamu ? There are many fascinating cultural heritage aspects that attract visitors to a destination, from the way people build their houses to the way they dress or eat. As many distant parts of the world, the exotic island of Borneo and especially the Malaysian state of Sabah has its own distinct cultural traditions and customs, most of ...

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Weekend Tamu at Kota Belud

If you want to know about Sabah culture and the traditional food of Sabahan? the best way to know is by visiting Tamu. Tamu is Sabah own version of Open Market and Tamu was introduced by the British officer stationed at North Borneo as a meeting place for the villagers. Villagers can sell the produce and fresh goods and at ...

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Tamu Besar 2013 – Colorful cultural show

tamu besar kota belud

Tamu Besar Kota Belud is one of the biggest events on Sabah calendar. Initially meaning Open Market, Tamu Besar Kota Belud has evolved into a full-scale cultural performance and festival. This year Tamu Besar falls on 26 to 27th of October. During this 2-day event, there are programs such as singing competition, beauty pageant, cultural dance, cow racing, and horse ...

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Tamparuli Tamu and the famous Jambatan Tamparuli

tamu tamparuli

Tamparuli town is known for its Jambatan Tamparuli (Tamparuli Hanging Bridge). Tamu is held every Wednesday where locals bring their crops and live stocks for sale at the open market. You can practically find anything here for sale as the local will do their weekly shopping here and mingle around with each other. Tamu may be chaotic for the first ...

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