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Kota Belud fireflies tour – Nanamun River

nanamun river, Kota belud

Nanamun River is located about 20 KM away from Kota Belud town, on the way to Kudat. The fireflies river cruise tour usually package together with Proboscis Monkey sighting at Kawa Kawa River. Tourist will usually visit Proboscis Monkey at Kawa Kawa river at  4.3o pm and had their dinner before proceed with fireflies river cruise at Nanamum River after ...

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The Eco Dragon’s Tail – Borneo Kellybays

Borneo Kellybays is located within a mangrove forest with a beach that stretches 7 km long overlooking the South China Sea. Chinese name for Kellybays is 龙尾湾, which means Dragon’s Tail Bay. The name comes up because Kellybays is at a place where a river meets the sea and the shape of it looks like a tail. So if the ...

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Mantanani island, made in heaven

Mantanani Island, also known as Mermaid Island ( 美人鱼岛) is one of the top destinations for tourist in recent year. The island only open up for tourists 5 years ago and is more famous to foreign tourists than to locals. I always wanted to go taking photos at Mantanani Island after looking at the beautiful photographs on the internet. So we ...

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Attractions in Kota Belud ( off the beaten path )

When you mention Kota Belud nowadays, tourist will think of Mantanani Island. There are many interesting places to visit at Kota Belud and if you are a photographer, you will leave Kota Belud feeling satisfied. This few places may not be your usual tourist spot but good place for relaxing and enjoy the scenery and nature.  1) Kampung Tambulion Located ...

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