Sago Worm (botod)


If you looking for gastronomy adventure in Sabah. try Sago Worm if you happen to find one at the local market. The locals call it Butod or butot. You can find it at Tamu or villages in Sabah. Indigenous people at Borneo island have been consuming Butod for generations but its hard to find it nowadays at local market.

Butod are very nutritious because of its high protein content. The locals claim it can cure asthma and lower colesterol. Whatever the nutrition value it carry, it sure look gross and take courage for first timer.

You can eat in raw or boil/fried/grill it depends on how you like to enjoy this worm. Many choose to eat them alive as it tastes better and fresher than when cooked. Butod

sago worm butod


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Another kind of worm found at local market, Sea worms. the aunties told us it can be eaten raw or masak Kicap! (cook with dark sauce) This worn seriously scare me!

Watch the botod on youtube!


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