Old diesel train ride from Beaufort to Pangi station

sabah old train

Padas River is located at Beaufort district of Sabah. Padas White Water rafting is one of the top rafting sites in Malaysia. The only mode of transportation to this activity is by Train. Sabah State Railways have upgraded the train service from Tanjung Aru to Beaufort but still using old diesel train from Beaufort to Tenom.

We leave Kota Kinabalu at 6am and reach Beaufort around 8am by bus. Our guide jokes and briefs us for the ride. He told us to expect free massage, aromatherapy, and adventure on the train ride.

Sabah State Railway Route Map

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sabah state railways ticket
1 way ticket cost only RM2.20 per person.

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Our train ride starts at Beaufort station. The locals still commute daily using the train services. The best view is the seat on the right side of the train. The train was slow. Everyone pop their head out of the carriage to get a better view. The smell from diesel engine fume fills the carriage and the ride is rough. A lot of activities happen in the carriage as the locals mingle around. There is also an auntie selling bread and tidbits. The train ran alongside villages, churches, jungles and mountains. The train stopped many times along the way on major stops or in front of village houses as passengers hopped off and boarded the train. The train came to a stop at Halogilat station and we switched to another train and continue our way to Pangi. This section of the route runs along Padas river. We can see the fast flowing water of Padas River with mountains and jungle as backdrops.

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beaufort train ride
the best seat with a good view.





The journey to Padas River White Water Rafting is an adventure itself. We get an extra adventure before rafting, now that’s what I call a great outing!


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