White Water Rafting in Sabah – Kiulu or Padas?


If you are looking for outdoor activities during your holidays in Sabah, most probably white water rafting will come into your mind. There are 2 main rafting sites for day trips from Kota Kinabalu, namely Kiulu White Water Rafting and Padas White Water Rafting. Kiulu White Water Rafting is graded at 1-2 while Padas White Water Rafting is graded at 3-4. So what is the difference between Kiulu and Padas?


Kiulu White Water Rafting

– Located 1.5 hours away from Kota Kinabalu by car.

– grade 1 to 2

– Relaxing ride on the raft. The rapid is gentle. You get to relax and enjoy the scenery

– Kiulu River is crystal clear. great for swimming. Do not catch the fish inside the river!

– Suitable for people of all ages

– Suitable for first time rafting experience


Kiulu River White Water Rafting
Kiulu River White Water Rafting
Kiulu River White Water Rafting


Padas White Water Rafting

– 1.5 hours car ride to Beaufort Town and 1.5 hours Train ride to the starting point

– grade 3 to 4

– The river water is rough! Going down the rapids is really exciting. You have to brace yourself in or you will be bumped out of the dinghy

– Water at Padas River is brown in color. The more appropriate name for Padas rafting should be: Padas River Brown Water Rafting.

– Children aged 12 years and below are not permitted on Padas River

– Suitable for those looking for exciting experience.

– Get to experience riding an old diesel train to reach the starting point (See more information about the train ride )


Padas River White Water Rafting
Padas River White Water Rafting
Padas River White Water Rafting


Things to prepare for Rafting trips

1. Spare clothes (including undies) and towel
2. Waterproof camera, and make sure you have a strap to secure it at your wrist or neck. (GoPro is one of the good options)
3. Sunblock lotion!
4. For those who wearing spectacles, rubber band is freely available from the operator



Tips for choosing a right Operator for rafting

While Water Rafting is generally a safe outdoor activity, accidents do happens. It is important to make sure the Operator is well equipped and trained to handle emergency situations. Get to know the safety measure in place by the operator so you can enjoy rafting.


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