Rafflesia at Tambunan


I always wanted to see the biggest flower in the world but always end up in disappointment as I miss the booming period which is only 1 – 5 days. I manage to get information from Sabah Forestry Facebook Page the booming period and also the travel time to the flower. I was lucky that there is a Rafflesia only 5 minutes away from the main road.

There are 3 species of Rafflesia in Sabah. One of the location to see Rafflesia is at Tambunan. Tambunan is a small town located about 80 Km from Kota Kinabalu accessible through Kota Kinabalu – Tambunan – Keningau Highway. The Rafflesia at Tambunan is of Rafflesia Pricei species is the 2nd biggest species in Sabah and can grow up to 45 cm in diameter. It is not as smelly as other species but it will attract enough flies around to  carry pollen to other rafflesia flowers. The Rafflesia pricei is not as big as I imagine so if you looking for the bigger species, then you have to travel to Ranau/ Poring where you can find rafflesia keithiirs which can grow up to 80cm. The biggest Rafflesia can be found in Indonesia.

All visitor must engage a Ranger to bring them to the Rafflesia and a Ranger fees cost RM50 for a group of people. There is also a conservation fees of RM2 per person . The Rafflesia information Center is closed during this period of time for renovation so drop by the Sabah Forestry department which is only about 100 meter from the Rafflesia information Center.  Do visit the stall selling local rice and Sambals before proceed home or to Keningau.




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