Proboscis Monkey, Sunset and fireflies at Klias


Located at the district of Beaufort about 2 hours drive away from Kota Kinabalu. Klias is one of the favourite destination for tourist who loves animals and nature. The main attraction here is Probocis monkey which live freely at the mangrove forest.  I start my journey to Klias after a visit to Keningau and pass by the beautifully constructed Keningau – Kimanis highway. I didnt make any booking beforehand so I just try my luck and try to get on the boat when I reach Klias. Reached Klias at 4.10pm and the double deck boat already left but we manage to contact the operator who send a small speedboat to fetch us. The cost for a person is RM40 (not including dinner ) . Price may varies depending on what boat you take and whether its include dinner and transportation to/from Kota Kinabalu. I prefer the double deck boat as its more comfortable and higher view. The disadvantages is we didn’t get to see get closer to the proboscis monkey. Didnt get to see many proboscis monkey as the weather is very hot and they prefer to hide deeper insider the jungle. According to the Boat owner, Proboscis monkey feed on tree leaves which can be found at mangrove area and there are usually 1 male probocis monkey to 7 female in a group. Only Male proboscis Monkey have long nose and the longer their nose, the more attractiveness to the female. 🙂

the favourite food for Proboscis monkey

Various size boat to choose from. 

waiting for the sunset

some of the guest start having dinner on the boat after the sunset. The river become really dark after 7pm and we get to see the fireflies on the way back.

Those who interested to visit Klias can make a booking through Mr David Chung 0168322500 ( See Mark Travel S/B)

Blog post by Adam Lai



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