Poring Canopy Walkway


While Poring is more famous for its hot spring. One activity you must do on visit to Poring is take a walk at the Canopy walkway. There are few canopy walkway at Sabah and Sarawak but its still worth visiting Poring as its easily accessible and offer good view. I decide to drop by Poring on the way to Sabah Tea Garden 

There are many stalls opposite the main entrance selling food, drinks and swim ring. The colourful ring attract the attention of many children. The last time I visited Poring was more than 15 years ago and everything seems have changed and upgraded. The entrance fee per person is RM3 for Malaysian and after a short walk, we come to the swimming pool and public bath area. Since we didn’t bring extra clothing , we proceed to the canopy walk which is further inside the park.

There is another entrance fees of RM3 for Malaysian into the canopy walkway area and if you bring a camera, you have to pay another RM5 for the camera. The canopy walkway is located further up the park so we have to trek about 15 minutes (about 550 meter uphill) to reach the walkway. Do get ready a good pair of walking shoe and travel light.

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Big Mangrove tree act as the anchor for the bridge. Do follow the rules of not more than 6 person on any section of the bridge at one time. the narrow walkway and swinging bridge certainly make it an exciting activity for the outing. Looking forward visit more canopy walkway around Sabah.


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