Mount Kinabalu Climbing via Mesilau trail


Mount-Kinabalu-Summit-trail-map Map of Timpohon trail and Mesilau trail (Click on image for larger image)

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Accommodation and restaurants at  Kinabalu National park are under the management of Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. We get our packed lunch after our breakfast.

my very own climb permit

Every climber will be given a tag with the group name and no. We are required to wear the tag all the time during the climbing


After getting our climbing pass, our tour operator sends us to Mesilau to start our trekking


Our guide throughout the 2 days 1-night duration is Morris and Alnor. We are brief on what to expect and what not to do during the trekking up to Laban Rata.



Mesilau trail total length to Laban rata is 6Km and is 2 Km longer than TimpohonTrail. Most people prefer to climb via Timpohon trail as it is shorter. Mesilau trail involves trekking through Mesilau Nature Park on the Mesilau plateau and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. I join the climbing group as the last minutes replacement and I didn’t get to choose which trail for climbing. This is my 2nd attempt through Mesilau Trail.


mount kinabalu


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We walk through the rainforest, pass by river, waterfall, suspension bridge and enjoy the view of flora and fauna along the path. The trail involves climbing for the first 1.5Km, the trail leads us downhill for 1.5 Km. After passing by the waterfall, the trail become tougher as we have to climb up steep ladders. The weather turns cold and it starts to rain. We put on our jacket and walk in the rain. Feeling cold and wet, we climb up the ladders one step at a time

2014-01-02 14.45.19

After 6Km, We finally reach the junction Timpohon junction. The last 2 Kms onward is even harder as the surface of the trail is mostly made up of uneven rock. The landscape change  from tropical rainforest to subalpine the higher we climb.



After trekking for 8 hours, we finally reach Laban rata for the much-needed rest. Most of the climber from Timpohon gate already arrive by then. We have our dinner and sleep at 9pm to get ready for the early morning climbing.

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