Matunggong Gong Festival


Kampung Sumangkap at Matunggong is one of the place worth dropping by if you are travelling to Kudat. The people of Kampung Sumangkap have been making gongs for generations and they even have the biggest gong in Malaysia on display at the main center of the village.  Matunggong Gong Festival started  in the mid 2000 and have been getting attentions from locals and international tourists. On this special day, many activities are carried out such as singing competition, traditional dance and Gong Beauty pageants. Matunggong Gong Festival is set on 23-24 October this year. We take the opportunity to drop by and take a look since we are travelling to Kudat.

Matunggong Gong Festival Video


Colorful gongs on display at many of the village houses

matunggong gong festival

The head of villages and villagers all bring their own gongs to wait for the VIP of the day

matunggong gong festival

matunggong gong festival

waiting for the official ceremony to start at the entrance of the village


Everyone beating their gong to welcome the guest, not sure they follow the right rhythm or not


gong and more gongs


The ladies have their own gongs too


can’t resist taking photo of this cute kid playing outside his house

matunggong gong festival

Malaysia Biggest Gong, much bigger than a van


matunggong gong festival

Everyone put up the best performance to impress the crowd

matunggong gong festival

Traditional dance performance by villagers


We didn’t manage to wait for the Gong Queen competition as we are rushing and have to leave early. However, the gong sound leave a big impression to our mind. We look forward to much more publicity from the Matunggong Gong Festival as we didn’t manage to get much information and media for the festival from the internet.



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