Kota Belud fireflies tour – Nanamun River

nanamun river, Kota belud

Nanamun River is located about 20 KM away from Kota Belud town, on the way to Kudat. The fireflies river cruise tour usually package together with Proboscis Monkey sighting at Kawa Kawa River. Tourist will usually visit Proboscis Monkey at Kawa Kawa river at  4.3o pm and had their dinner before proceed with fireflies river cruise at Nanamum River after the sun goes down.

As I was visiting the newly open Fireflies river cruise by Palm Beach Mantanani, I drop by Kampung Rampaian Laut to explore the beach before start of fireflies tour. The beach here is long and wide facing west.


 family time by the beach


 dog on the beach

kampung rampaian laut

Hut by the beach, where fishermen hang out and dry the net


magnificent Mount Kinabalu view at Kampung Rampaian Laut, Kota Belud


 we gather at the jetty before 7pm and join the river cruise. I don’t feel crowded here as there are less operator at Nanamum river compare to Klias Wetland.


  enjoying the view of  Nanamum River, while waiting for the time to see fireflies.


The tour start at 7pm right after the sun goes down. It is truly amazing moment when we are surrounded by the brightly lit fireflies and when all the fireflies create the “Christmas Tree” effect. I didn’t manage to take any photos as it is very dark and I don’t think any camera can capture the light of fireflies on a boat.  my only complaint is the tour last less than 30 minutes.

Fireflies tourism is big business in Sabah and several places around Sabah offer fireflies tour. Gone are the days where fireflies watching are free. Tourist from all around the world flocking to Sabah paying a lot of money just see the fireflies at their natural habitat. Hopefully more will be done to protect the environment  to ensure the survival of fireflies.



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