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Kiulu White Water Rafting

There are 2 destinations for water rafting in Sabah: Kiulu River and Padas River. Kiulu River Rafting is rated at 1-2 grade while Padas is graded at 3-4 grade. Kiulu is a perfect place for beginners and its location near Kota Kinabalu makes it a perfect outing for those looking for convenient outdoor activities.

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The starting point is located about 1 hour drive away from Kota Kinabalu at Kampung Pukak, Kiulu. We pass through natural landscape and great scenery along the way. Great to be away from the city traffic.

Fun at Kiulu White River Rafting



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Rafting is a perfect sport for team-building, group outings, families and couples. A large group of people already gathered at the starting point when we arrive. We start by wearing helmets and safety jackets. We are then divided into group of 5-6 person in a raft. Every raft is assigned a captain who sits behind to control the movement of the raft. We go through safety briefing about the do and don’t during rafting and then we are clear to start!






Half way through the trip we stopped for a drink and swim in the rapids. The water is cold and clean. Do not catch the fish in Kiulu River as the penalty for catching a fish is RM30,000 !






The rafting trip was very pleasant. The rapids are gentle and safe. The whole trip lasted about 90 minutes and we were taken to another site for lunch where we changed into our clean clothes. It was a great fun and good experience for everyone.


For white water rafting bookings, you can contact Riverbug who is the main operator for Kiulu and Padas white water rafting.




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