The Eco Dragon’s Tail – Borneo Kellybays


Borneo Kellybays is located within a mangrove forest with a beach that stretches 7 km long overlooking the South China Sea. Chinese name for Kellybays is 龙尾湾, which means Dragon’s Tail Bay. The name comes up because Kellybays is at a place where a river meets the sea and the shape of it looks like a tail. So if the start of a river is the Dragon Head, then the place where the river ends is called the Dragon’s Tail. The name Kellybays in english is taken from the name of one of the partners, Kelly.

KellyBays have been operating for 13 years. It is a popular choice for eco tourists from overseas. Most of the local friends we asked didn’t know much about the place as it is hidden at Kampung Laya-Laya, Tuaran. But once you reach Kellybays, you will appreciate its location as it is located only 40 minutes drive away from Kota Kinabalu. A uniquely built ferry sends us across the mangrove river as there is no road access to Kellybays, a truly private heaven and away from busy life!

Video of our visit to Kellybays


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The beauty of Kellybays lies in its private long beach, with lots of hammock for you to relax while listening to the sound of sea. I could rest whole day doing nothing just handing myself on a hammock.

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Batik Painting for everyone


A newly built chapel for wedding, Borneo Kellybays is a popular spot for private wedding party and dinner.



We are very lucky to meet 30 pairs of newly wed enjoying themselves at Kellybays while photo-shooting. Romance is in the air, overloaded!

private beach for photo shooting




After hanging on the hammock and some time on the beach, it’s time for lunch. The food is fantastic here!


It starts raining after lunch but that doesn’t stop us from doing watersport! The most popular watersport being the banana boat ride.



kayak for those who like to appreciate nature slowly



fun on the beach


Beach, mangrove, watersport, sunset, and sunrise, Kellybays has them all. Its location away from road and residential area makes it a truly hidden gem. It is unbeatable and perfect for private functions such as beach party, wedding and team building.


Interested with a visit to Kellybays? You can get information from their website

call 088-234605, 272605


GPS Location : 6.1660276N 116.155529E

Address : Kampung Laya-Laya, Tuaran



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