Internet Service in Sabah


Everyone is using internet nowadays. It’s not a luxury, but a necesssity. With our smartphone and tablet, we hook up to internet 24 hours a day. When TM launched UNIFI broadband  2 years back, I can’t wait to have it at our home as UNIFI offer stable broadband with a 5 MB uplink and 5 MB downlink.

unifi vip
unifi vip sabah

The price may not be cheap comparing to other countries but we are willing to pay as we can get better experience instead of being stuck with the never seem to improve StreamyX, offering a pityful speed of 1MB. When I relocate back from Petaling Jaya, one of the thing I miss the most is my UNIFI internet. Imagine my fustration when I apply for broadband service in Kota Kinabalu, UNIFI is only available at limited areas and StreamyX still offer their grand internet combo package of 1 MB at RM110 per month with a 1 year contract. How time stood still in Sabah. It’s frustrating that when every country in the world is coming out with 20 MB or 100 MB but we still have to bear with the miserable speed at expensive price with no solution in sight. Any dealing with Telekom Malaysia will end up in frustration and acceptance that Sabah will always get 2nd rate services. My recent request for upgrade to 8 Mbs is nowhere in sight even though I wanted to pay extra and bind to a new 2 years contract because apparently they want to push HyppTV with StreamyX. I have been waiting for 3 weeks for upgrade but Telekom Malaysia informed me that they are still testing speed for my area to make sure it run properly with HyppTV. What happened to UNIFI installation in Sabah?


The rise of Wireless Broadband

While TM still stuck with yesteryear mentality, other companies are taking advantage of wireless technology and start rolling out services based on 3G , WIMAX and LTE.



So far the 3G signals are stable in major cities of Sabah but there are still a lot of rural areas which are not covered properly. Wireless broadband is great alternative to wired broadband as you can access fast internet anywhere in the city with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The pricing is usually based on usage time and quota. Downside for wireless broadband is that heavy users like me will have to pay more. Do shop around and compare between packages offered by the companies.


The Future

Demand for internet will only increase in the near future and more people will go mobile. Everyone can work everywhere at anytime but this depends on the state of internet in Sabah and how hard Government push the big corporations to come out with competitive products and pricing. The investment may be heavy for now, but the benefit will be enormous in the future as Sabahan will be more tech savvy and more revenue can be generated from E-commerce. We cannot depend only on tourism, mining and plantation industries as our main economy drivers. Even if this is the case now, tourists visiting Sabah cannot live blog their experience properly. See the point?


  1. We are launching a new program – PROUD in Sabah (Program Usahawan Digital), which comprise of Micro Internet Service Provider, Program Keusahawanan ICT & a lot more… ( for every district in Sabah) with the support from MARA, Amanah Ikhtiar, SME, Bank Rakyat and others. Please email me for details.

    Amran Abdul Rahman
    Sofield+Ahead Technology Sdn Bhd

  2. Hi there,

    It was a very nice abd personal article. Its really sad tpto see the slow internet in this beautiful Sabah. I see that your is more than a year old. I just moved to kk and want to know if it has changed?! Is it better? Who is the best service provider. Thanks!


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