Halloween is coming to Kota Kinabalu at The Infirmary, Imago Mall


Imago Mall is bringing “fear” to Kota Kinabalu citizen this Halloween by sharing with you a secret of tragic event long ago. To find the truth, you have to unlock the labyrinth of The Infirmary.

The Infirmary Video


No entrance fees to enter the Infirmary. Spent above Rm50 any outlets at Imago Mall and show the receipt to redeem the pass. There are 2 level of scariness, easy at the lower level and hard scary level on the 1st floor.

Have fun scaring myself at the Infirmary, Imago Mall today??. Free entrance when you spent RM50 at Imago Mall

Some Secrets Are Best Left Locked Away

Dr. Adron Hill ran an infirmary from his home along with his wife, Bridget, as nurse and assistant. With 3 beautiful kids, Clarise, Matthew and newborn Marise, the Hills were respected in their small little community.

One day, newborn Marise was found mutilated but sewn back together, dead in her dead mother’s arm, who was also butchered. Rumour has it that Dr. Adron failed in an attempt to save his fatally-sick newborn daughter, Marise, by cutting up patients for replacement body parts. Dr. Adron disappeared, but his daughter Clarise and son Matthew were found hiding. They were the only known survivors of what is now known as the Massacre at Hill’s Infirmary.

Twenty years later, you are tasked to return to The Infirmary to find the truth about what happened that day…(source: Imago Mall FB)


Guest will have to take blood pressure test before entering the infirmary.


The Infirmary will be scaring you from 16th October 2015 till 15th November 2015


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