5 places for Halal food in Kota Kinabalu


local food

Kedai Kopi Kak Tini

this local coffee shop at the corner facing Lintasan Corner offer a cheap and affordable Malay food to the locals. Try their soto daging/ayam or have an afternoon tea break while having fried banana by Atan’s Fried Banana operating from a stall at Kak Tini Shop.

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Fook Yuen

server one of the best bread in town. Kahwin mean a union of Kaya and butter. Fook Yuen bread is famous as it is serve with kaya and cold butter and the bread is soft and fluffy. We also love their Halal Dim Sum and it the teh taruk and coffee is purrrrfect! best place for afternoon tea. Fook Yuen also made it to our list of 5 food you must try when in Kota Kinabalu

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Kak Nong

The original Kak Nong is located at Dogonggong. With the opening of Kak Nong at Harbour City, now you can have Malay food with ease at it is located near to Kota Kinabalu City and with plenty of parking. They have daily special meal, one of our favourite meal at Kak Nong is their Chicken Rice serve with specially prepared sauce.

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Western food

Little Italy’s Pizza

One of the most popular place to have pizza and located at Capitol Hotel just opposite of Wisma Merdeka. The owner is from Italy and his insistence of using the most original material from Italy win a lot of foodies vote.

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Sinsuran Night Market

One of the favorite place for tourist to have seafood at Hawker price. Don’t be surprise to find lobster and big prawn at the hawker stall here as they serve some of the freshest seafood. Operated mainly by local Malay and Filipino communities.

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