Food Friday – Coffee Love in Kota Kinabalu (Updated Jan 2015)

Coffee trend is just picking up in Kota Kinabalu.  Listed are cafes recently visited by me and my friend. (All our reviews are independent and subjected to our own taste and experience. it may change from time to time)

Pregio by Barista Caffe

Coffee  quality : lovelovelovehalflove – the latte is ok, but the mocha is too sweet
Service standard : lovelove – not attentive, never refill the warm water
Location : lovelovelovelove – at Metro town, plenty of parking available as the area is new
Ambiance : lovelovelovelove – nice decorations
Menu : lovelovelove – good information about the food
Price : lovelove – RM12 for latte
Comment : Need to improve on latte art. Good effort to bring in real coffee to Kota Kinabalu
2013-07-09 15.31.49

Santola Bar Cafe

Coffee quality : lovelove – not if you looking for real coffee, give it a try if you love coffee with ice cream or ice blended coffee
Service standard : lovelove – staffs are quite busy during lunch hour, didn’t explain to us about membership which is on every page of coffee menu
Location : lovelovelove – first branch hidden in industrial area, new branch at Damai Point and Gaya Street
Ambiance : lovelovelove – small cafe, quite packed
Menu : lovelove – menu in crumbled clear holder, not appealing
Price : lovelovelovelove – RM6.50 for mocha, RM5.35 for cappuccino. Members get 30% off on coffee items
Comment : Coffee beans roasted with margarine & sugar are used, leaving a weird after-taste
2013-06-28 13.51.14

Coffee Bean

Coffee quality : lovelovelovelove
Service standard : lovelovelovelove
Location : lovelovelovelove – Located at Damai, Wisma Merdeka , Center Point
Ambiance : lovelovelovelove – Sometimes the Coffee Bean Damai branch turn the music volume too loud for comfort
Menu : lovelovelovelove – Clear informative menu
Price : lovelovelove – RM10.50 for latte
Comment: The standard seems to drop nowadays. The breafast menu differ for every outlets

Starbucks Coffee

Coffee quality : lovelovelovelove
Service standard : lovelovelovelove
Location : lovelovelovelove -Located at Citymall, Suria Sabah, 1 Borneo, Warisan Square, Center Point
Ambiance : lovelovelovelove – The Citymall branch is a bit wear off, needs refurbishment
Menu : lovelovelovelove – Clear informative menu
Price : lovelovelove – RM10.50 for latte
Comment:  Serve what you expect from Starbucks Coffee. Not too great but up to standard 

 Updated Jan 2015. Check out the list of coffee cafe in Kota Kinabalu by


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