Features – Old business, TCM Shop in Kota Kinabalu


Chuan Kee Chan Medicine Shop

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shop at Gaya street, providing pulse reading by  TCM practitioner and Chinese prescription formula. While some Chinese medicine shops provide ready to drink (no need to boil any herbs on our own) which is really convenient, Chuan Kee Chan Medicine Shop still provide the herbs so you need to boil the herbs in the old ways which is time consuming and yucky to drink.  The shop looks to be stuck in 1960’s decoration. A good place to bring us back down the memory lane.

Location : Gaya Street

GPS Location : 5.9826212N 116.0762966E

2013-11-05 10.25.37

2013-11-05 10.31.19
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
2013-11-05 10.26.38-1
old cupboard
2013-11-05 10.52.01
different herbs to heal different sickness
2013-11-05 11.21.39
“classic” office. look like its from 60’s
2013-11-05 10.52.51
Recipe of the day

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