Features – Have a Cup of Coffee and Eat it too!

Signature product at Coffee Jazz Mixer : Coffee biscuit

A new cafe named Coffee Jazz Mixers has just opened at Lintas commercial area. Find out more about the owners and their business in this interview by Team ILoveSabah.


What is your name and Role?

My name is Edmund and my role in this Coffee Jazz Mixers is on marketing side and also the management.


Tell us more about Coffee Jazz Mixers.

This Coffee Jazz Mixers is started by four partners. We like to bring in something new, as we can see the future in coffee business. Most of the shops at Lintas here are selling beers and bubble teas so we are thinking to offer coffee as a different concept.


Any Signature product?

Our signature product is Coffee Biscuit, where people can drink their hot coffee / hot chocolate and the same time they can actually consume the cup which is made of biscuit. This concept is first in Sabah as people can actually drink their cup of coffee and eat it too.


Signature product at Coffee Jazz Mixers : Coffee Biscuit
Signature product at Coffee Jazz Mixers : Coffee Biscuit

What do you think about coffee business scene in Sabah?

Well, coffee scene in Sabah… actually everyone loves coffee.  It’s the trend and a common language everywhere in the world. It’s addictive! People drink coffee until both their legs are straight (LOL)!


What do you love about Sabah?

We have the scenery, mountain and beach and it’s a really relaxing place. It’s not as busy as West Malaysia and we have many great places. People can come here to enjoy slow life, have a cup of coffee, and visit one of the top scuba sites in the world like Sipadan or other world heritage sites. That’s why I love Sabah lah!


Coffee Jazz Mixer
The four partners of Coffee Jazz Mixers. From left: Edmund, Sean, Bryan and Kelly


Check out their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/cjmcafe . 


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