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The young owner of an old Tanjung Aru bike shop shares the transformation story of bike business. Find out more in the latest feature article by Team ILoveSabah in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary celebration of Sabah Independence in Malaysia.

kah bikes Tanjung Aru

What is your name and your role in this company?
My name is Anson. I’m the 3rd generation onwer of KAH Bikes.

Tell us more about KAH Bikes. How it all started?
KAH Bikes was started by my grandfather 50 years ago. The reason is very simple, most of Chinese Xinghua people run bike business. Most of the bicycle shops in West Malaysia and Singapore are run by Chinese Xinghua people. About 30 years ago, my grandfather decided to concentrate our business on selling bicycles only. Today, we are one of the oldest bike supply shop in Sabah. The business was passed down from my grandfather to my father and then to me. I took over the business 3 years back and we renovated the shop to have a modern touch and catch up with time.

Tanjung Aru Bicycle Shop

What brands do you carry?
We carry different brands but our best known brands are Merida and Scott bikes from Taiwan. We also have bikes with basket for people to go shopping at market and also some cheaper range bikes according to market needs. We usually recommend Merida and Scott bikes for those who are serious into biking as they are well known brands and have good resell value and performance. They are well known in the Europe and US.

What do you think about the biking scene in Sabah?
Bikes were used as alternative transportation in the past. It slowly became a hobby and sports over the years. There are many group of people organizing bike outing nowadays. People can exercise and enjoy scenery at the same time. Mountain bikes used to be the preferred choice because we have many mountain and jungle tracks for bikers to explore. The last few years, road bikes started picking up the trend because of improved road conditions and the need for a relaxed ride.


Any good advice for a new biker?
Always ride in group and get the safety equipment as it make the riding much safer. Try to spend a little more for better brand as the performance is proven and it will give you a much better experience.


What do you love about Sabah?
I love the people and lifestyle in Sabah. The people here are friendly. It’s a wonderful place to live as I can reach home within 15 minutes after work.



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