Interview with a Sabah Instagramer: EchaKalerfool


Besides featuring beautiful photos from Sabah on our Instagram, ILoveSabah is always on the lookout for creative Instagramer from Sabah. One of the instagramer which attracts our attention is @Echakalerfool. Here is the interview with her.

Tell us about yourself.

 I am studying B.ed TESL at IPGM Kampus Pendidikan Teknik, Negeri Sembilan and a part time designer at Clickelip Photography.

What phone are you using for Instagram?

I am using HTC Sensation XL.


How long have you been on Instagram?

Since March, 2012.

Why Instagram?

Because I can be connected to people around the world and I would like to share all the emotions I gain from the picture with them.


What are your go-to apps?

Picsplay and Photogrid.

Do you have a creative process?

Not really. My shots usually triggered by my pure instinct to immortalize the moment or view.

What inspires you?

Everything. I adore God’s creation. When you have the passion, it leads you to what you are searching for. Just follow your heart. I printed over 500 pictures and pasted it on my bedroom wall. I never get bored every time I look at them. They really get me inspired.


Which place in Sabah you think the best for taking photos?

No doubt for Tanjung Aru Beach. I just love sunset very much.


Do you have any favourite instagrammer?

@dinsaha13 @carlosnizam @umarmita @poggyhuggies


Instagram printout decorate on the wall
Instagram printout decorate on the wall

Any advice for aspiring instagrammer?

–     Find your own style and interest.

–     Simply take your phone out and shoot anything that catches your eyes.

–     Move around and change your perspective to get a good angle. Plus, take a lot of photos so that you can choose the best.

–     Get some ideas by following other users that share the same interest with you.

–     Last but not least, be yourself and shoot what you love.


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