Eat Like A Local – Kedai Kopi Kolombong


2013-11-06 21.04.05

2013-11-06 21.05.49
the famous Damai Chicken Wing have a branch here
2013-11-06 21.00.28
wet fried noodle
2013-11-06 20.58.06
big portion for fried noodle at only RM6


This local neighbourhood coffee shop serves tasty food at affordable prices. A plate of Mee (fried noodle) costs RM6 and it comes with a big portion. At Kedai Kopi Kolombong, other than chinese food there is also a Satay stall, Wo Tie (pan fried dumpling) stall, grill fish stall and the famous Damai Chicken Wing stall. You can have your noodle or rice with a wide choice of side dishes.

They open only at night.

Price : RM6 for Fried noodle, RM7 for pan fried dumplings and RM1.8 for a chicken wing

GPS Location: 5.9892981N 116.1237717E


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