Eat Like A Local – Fish Noodle @ Yung Hwa Restaurant


fish noodle yung hwa

This restaurant serves one of the most special noodle in KK, and it sold out quickly – I am only able to taste this noodle on my 3rd visit because it sold off so quickly! (TRUTH: I can’t wake up before 8am..)

What is so special about this restaurant? The fish noodle they serve in Kedai Kopi Yung Hwa is different from normal mom’n’pop’s restaurant – they replaced noodles with fish paste.

Some even says, “their noodle is made of fish meat!”. You can get normal noodle too but that’s entirely up to you. The fish broth is delicious too.

Available from early morning until afternoon only.

Price: RM6.00 (they sold out quickly)

Location: Kedai Kopi Yung Hwa, Damai. Same row with Tong Hing Supermarket.

GPS Location : 5.9611652N 116.0880366E

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