Eat Like A Local – Chicken Rice @ Wiya Coffee Restaurant


wiya chicken rice

“Have you ever tried the chicken rice in triangle shape?” was the first time I heard about Wiya Chicken Rice. By a friend who told me when I am working on the “43 Best Food in KK”.

“Oh, that place has been around before you were born, it’s a very old shop”, my dad told me.

“But, how come you never brought me there or mention to me before?” I asked.

“Hmmm, good question.” my dad replied.

So when I visit this restaurant, I can see a pattern on every table, they ordered exactly the same dishes. A set of chicken rice, a bowl of soup and side dishes like bean sprouts and steamed vegetables.

Taste wise – it taste exactly like a normal chicken rice, but with a twist with triangle rice 😉

Available: breakfast and lunch

Price: RM6

Wiya Coffee Restaurant
Block F, Lot 4, Segama Complex, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Contact: 088-214378

GPS Location : 5.9831307N 116.0750359E

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