Eat Like A Local – Ang Kim Lam Coffee Shop


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In West Malaysia, they call this Wan Tan Mee, but in Sabah, we like to call in Kon lau Mee. Which literally mean dry stir mee in Hakka. This little noodle stall at Ang Kim Lam coffee shop have their loyal customers and every morning you see a lot of peoples waiting for their Kon Lau Mee. Request for chicken feet to go along with the Wantan, BBQ and roasted pork. The noodle are freshly prepared in the morning and you can feel the springiness at every bite. The dark sauce nicely complement the noodle.

Address :

Jalan Haji Yaacob, Kampung Air, Kota Kinabalu

GPS address

5.9779982N 116.0746524E


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