Discover old Mansion and highest point of Signal Hill, Kota Kinabalu


How much do you know about Signal Hill? Do you know there are old building hidden at Signal Hill which used to be the residential building for the colonial officers?

Together with Heritage Sabah, ( NGO about conservation of heritage sites in Sabah), we decide to find the forgotten trail of Signal Hill. We meet up at Atkinson Clock Tower at 9am, the trail is located near to the Atkinson clock Tower.

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signal Hill trail
signal Hill trail

 section of trail become overgrown but mostly passable


after about 5 minutes trekking through the trail, we come to an old building which uses to be a colonial officer mansion. The surrounding look eery with fallen tree and green ivy has overgrown on the building. A great place for a scary movie.



While the building may look scary, few families actually live here, getting electricity from the grid.



We then continue take the trail up to Sabah Theological Seminary at Jalan Pinggir

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2 children playing in front of old English colonial quarters which have been turned into a small colony of many families. The building has been extended extensively with materials from construction sites but the window design is still left intact which is from the pre-independence period.

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the trail to the highest point of Signal hill is located behind the colony. After about 100 meters going up a steep hill, we reach an open area which is the highest point of Signal Hill. We can see Likas bay and Kota Kinabalu city on both sides of the hill. Great potential to be one of the lookout points at Kota Kinabalu





After spending 30 minutes at the peak, we trek downhill and come back to the Sabah Theological Seminary. We ask permission to visit the old Basel Church which is more than 100 years old.

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we ended our trekking at 11.30am. There are many hidden historical sites at Signal which was abandoned and forgotten. Kota Kinabalu as a city is developing now but we should not forget our past and do more to conserve our heritage sites. A city without past is a man without a story. Hopefully, more will be done in the future to promote our past while we moving forward.

To know more about Heritage of Sabah, visit

Heritage Sabah



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