Climbing to Low’s Peak, Mount Kinabalu

peak of Mount Kinabalu

After a tiring day trekking through Mesilau to Laban Rata . We wake up at 2am to have our breakfast and get ready for the final ascent to Low’s Peak. By 2.30 am, we are all ready. The distance from Laban Rata to Low’s Peak is about 2Km long and it is much harder and technically challenge than the day before.

We start by going up sections of steep wooden steps (To experience Mount Kinabalu, Watch this Mount Kinabalu climbing video). After exhausting climbing through the stairs, we come to rocky plateau that marks the end of the treeline and the beginning of the open rockface. You will need to  pull yourself up parts of the rockface here as the slope is quite steep. After a series of climbing using the rope, we come to Sayat Sayat check point where climbers’ permit and registration number is recorded down. If you decide to give up at this point, you will get a certificates without any colours.

After Sayat Sayat, we walk slowly up the rocky surface slowly. The air become thinner and my tired legs begging me to stop. We keep close to the rope most of the time so we can grab something in case we slip and also the rope mark the path to the Low’s Peak. The last 1Km is  hard and tiring but I manage to force myself to continue and take 1 step at a time.

It take around an hour and a half from Sayat Sayat to Laban Rata. The climb look so near yet so far most of time and its really frustrating. When you see the triangle shape of low’s peak, you know you are almost there. By this time, you can see the famous South Peak at the other end of Low’s peak.

The peak is crowded with people taking turn to take their photos at the sign. I take around 30 minutes rest and take photos. Too bad the weather is cloudy but there is still hints of sunrise color at the horizon. The view from the top is amazing.

We start our descent to Laban Rata and reach at 9.30 am. We need to check out before 10.30 am as there will be a penalty of RM100 per hour for late check out. After getting the much needed refuel and rest, we start trekking down through Timpohon gate. We reach the gate at around 5pm as I hurt my leg during the climb. Once we reach Timpohon gate, we wait for the shuttle bus to Kinabalu park to get our certificates. I got 2 certificates for my effort and I will say it well worth it. if you have the chance travel to Sabah, plan a trip to climb Mount Kinabalu and stand on the tallest point in Borneo Island!

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