Budget Accommodation in Kota Kinabalu


Visiting Kota Kinabalu and looking for budget accommodation? Spending most of the time out of your room? Afraid not! There are many hostels and B&B located at Jalan Gaya and Jalan Dewan which are the central locations in Kota Kinabalu. Most of the hostels and B&B are concentrated along Jalan Gaya and Jalan Dewan. But you can still find some near other attraction areas. Now, you can travel to Kota Kinabalu on a low budget!


Jalan Dewan Area

1) Lucy Backpackers Lodge

2) Traveller’s Light

3) Borneo Backpackers

4) Tropicana Lodge

5) Hotel Garden

6) Kinabalu Backpackers Lodge


Jalan Gaya Area

1) North Borneo Cabin

2) Borneo Gaya Lodge

3) X-plorer Backpackers Lodge

4) Summer Lodge

5) Rainforest Lodge

6) Akinabalu Youth Hostels

7) Red Palm Hostel

8) The Beach Lodge


Sinsuran Area

1) Step in Lodge


Kampung Air Area 

1) Lavender Lodge


Karamunsing Area

1) Borneo Global Backpacker

2) Green View Motel


Sembulan Area

1) St John Lodge


Tanjung Aru Area

1) Borneo Beach House


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