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Island Hopping and Sea adventures

Semporna – Island Hopping and Meeting the Sea Gypsies

bajau laut semporna

Semporna is an under developed town with a very basic infrastructure which is not ready for tourist. Tourist usually skips staying at Semporna town after flying in through Tawau. High demand from tourists at the water chalet at Mabul, Kapalai and Semporna town creates a spillover effect where new hotels start appearing at Semporna town. The main attraction at Semporna ...

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Borneo Reef World – Asia largest pontoon

Do you know that there is a Asia largest pontoon at Sapi Island? This is a question asked by my fellow travel blogger. I tell him that seriously I never heard of it before and I feel so outdated as he is not even a Sabahan! He tells me that the pontoon is about 2 shop-lots in size with many ...

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Mantanani island, made in heaven

Mantanani Island, also known as Mermaid Island ( 美人鱼岛) is one of the top destinations for tourist in recent year. The island only open up for tourists 5 years ago and is more famous to foreign tourists than to locals. I always wanted to go taking photos at Mantanani Island after looking at the beautiful photographs on the internet. So we ...

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