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Sabah matters

Features – Old business, TCM Shop in Kota Kinabalu

Chuan Kee Chan Medicine Shop A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shop at Gaya street, providing pulse reading by  TCM practitioner and Chinese prescription formula. While some Chinese medicine shops provide ready to drink (no need to boil any herbs on our own) which is really convenient, Chuan Kee Chan Medicine Shop still provide the herbs so you need to boil the herbs ...

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Features – Old business in Kota Kinabalu (Barber)

Barber shop at Gaya Street and Kampung Air Nowadays almost everyone get their haircut at hair saloons. Some of us are too young to experience the old barber shops. These old barber shops normally offer shaving, massage and hair trimming services at affordable prices. I could still remember the uncle with his blade after he finishes trimming my hair, and the ...

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Features – Old business in Kota Kinabalu (Cobbler)

A Cobbler at Kampung Air (Tet Fun Shoe Maker) Hidden at a corner at Kampung Air, a cobbler is busy repairing shoes and listening to his radio. It is a one man operation and he sits on the floor next to big piles of shoes all waiting to be repaired. The signboard must be from many years ago and another ...

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Internet Service in Sabah

Everyone is using internet nowadays. It’s not a luxury, but a necesssity. With our smartphone and tablet, we hook up to internet 24 hours a day. When TM launched UNIFI broadband  2 years back, I can’t wait to have it at our home as UNIFI offer stable broadband with a 5 MB uplink and 5 MB downlink. The price may not ...

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Malaysia National Symphony Orchestra Wind Ensemble in Kota Kinabalu

Why is the Malaysia National Symphony Orchestra Wind Ensemble playing in Kota Kinabalu? (OR, a Malaysian musician’s perspective for the Malaysian musician and audience. We hope you will be curious and read on!) There has never been a time in Malaysia where classical music has flourished to such an extent, with the number of existing professional ensembles in the country ...

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