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Eat Like A Local – Fish Noodle @ Yung Hwa Restaurant

This restaurant serves one of the most special noodle in KK, and it sold out quickly – I am only able to taste this noodle on my 3rd visit because it sold off so quickly! (TRUTH: I can’t wake up before 8am..) What is so special about this restaurant? The fish noodle they serve in Kedai Kopi Yung Hwa is different from normal mom’n’pop’s restaurant – ...

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Eat Like A Local – Friend Chicken Sandwich @ Marry me Sandowichi

Been hearing many good things about the sandwiches here at Gaya Street. It’s called Marry Me Sandowichi and it’s located in one of the most interesting kopitiam in Gaya Street. The owner introduce himself as John. I asks for crowd’s favourite and he recommends Spicy Fried Chicken sandwich. He prepare the batter and deep fried the chicken AFTER I order… that means 100% freshness! There’s ...

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Eat Like A Local – Yee Mian @ Xing Wan Pan Mian

Xing Wang Restaurant is famous with their hand made noodle, where locals call it “pan mian”. My personal favourite is the claypot noodle “yee mian”. I think they have the best soup base for yee mian in town! Extra egg, minced meat and extra vegetables are permanent on my order list. I always complete every bite with minced garlic + soy sauce + ...

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Eat Like A Local – Spicy Chicken @ Peppermint Vietnamese Restaurant

SPICY CHICKEN @ PEPPERMINT VIETNAMESE RESTAURANT In direct translation to Chinese, this dish is called “Weird Taste chicken”.This dish originates from Vietnam.Don’t let the name of this dish scare you – it’s actually pretty delicious (and not spicy entirely).The chicken is deep fried to perfection, like KFC… and a layer of special sauce is added on it before serving it to ...

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Eat Like A Local – Braised Fish @ Tung Fong Seafood Restaurant

BRAISED FISH @ TUNG FONG SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Tung Fong Seafood Restaurant is rather secluded in a hidden shop lots, only locals know how to navigate there. I get lost twice before I found this restaurant.They recently renovated their restaurant to accommodate more customers. I came here purposely to do food review after getting many strong recommendations from readers.I asked a few customers ...

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