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About ILoveSabah

Are You Planning a Trip to Beautiful Sabah? We Can Help!

You’ve been dreaming about the swaying palms, friendly locals, and island hopping adventures, but are you really prepared to embark on your journey to beautiful Sabah?

As THE  premier source for travel planning information about Sabah, Borneo,  ILoveSabah.info provides everything you need to ensure your visit to our wonderful home is one of the safest, most exotic, and most memorable experiences of your life…

Travel Guides, Local Reviews, Stories & More

We take great pride in being Sabah’s #1 source for travel advice, food reviews, information on local events, and so much more. There is no better source than Ilovesabah.info for learning about and experiencing the festivities, unbelievable natural treasures, and many hidden gems that make Sabah such an unforgettable destination.

Don’t Let Your Sabah Vacation Fall Short of Perfection

…Start Planning Your Trip with Us Today!

We can help you plan the perfect visit to Sabah. Don’t even think about departing on your journey here without visiting us at www.ilovesabah.info. We can’t wait to hear from you!

ILoveSabah is created by Adam Lai. Adam like to take photos. Adam also blogs at http://adamlai.com


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  1. Hi, may I know if there are any places that my kids can try pony riding in Kota Belud?

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